8th Annual Hyde Park Arts & Crafts Adventure

Sep 28 2013 to Sep 29 2013

Saturday 10 AM to 6 pm and Sunday 10AM to 5 PM

Outdoor Courtyard of University of Chicago's Hyde Park Shopping Center
1526 E 55th (55th & Lake Park Avenue)
60615 Chicago (Hyde Park) , IL
United States
Phone: 847-991-4748 312-751-2500
Illinois US
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8th Annual Hyde Park ARts & Crafts Adventure

Artists and craftsartists from far and near will fill the Outdoor Courtyard of the University of Chicago's Hyde Park Shopping Center with work they themselves created. With a fountain, trees flowers and benches, the courtyard provides a wonderful ambiance for the show and the perfect intimate setting to encourge conversations between artists and customers. A popular destintion to socialize as well as to shop there is a French Bakery and French Restaurant (and other merchants) in the Outdoor Courtyard. Center includes  Walgreen's & Treasure Island and more. After the downtown musum campus Hyde Park has the largest concentration of cultural institutions in the city with great cultural diversity as it is heavily patronized by professors, personnel and others from the University of Chicago plus Hyde Park residents & many more who come from far beyond. Courtyard has security gates which close at night and open in  morning. Large lot on site - free parking  Customers very appreciative of work created by the exhibitor. Both center and customers support a quality show,

You can exit Lake Shore Drive at 53rd & go to Lake Park Ave & 53rd - turn south  - you will come to entrance of Hyde Park Shopping Center - note that Walgreens and Treasure Island are both prominently located there Entrance to Courtyard is located in the bend of this L-shaped center.

Eligible Media: 

juried fine art and craft as accepted by jury

Artist Vendor Fees: 

10'x10' - $180 (xtra 1/2 & doubles may be availale - xtra 1/2 and double fee

5'x10' - $140 - a few may be avaialble

Entry fees include current itinerant merchant license fee (2012)

Estimated Attendance: 


To jury and receive applications -  please submit 4 images representative of your work you wish to exhibit, one of your display set-up your first/last name, physical address, daytime telephone number - resume/show listing helpful. Tell us it is for the Hyde Park Show. Submit to Asoaartists@aol.com or you can submit via U.S.Mail to ASA, PO Box 1326, Palatine IL 60078 (please remember to include a self-addressed, stamped business-size (No. 10) envelope). Whichever way you jury we will respond in kind. When you pass jury you will receive a non-member jury/approval number, listing of shows, application(s) you requested and be placed on the mailing list.

Questions - please just ask - Asoaartists@aol.com or 847/991-4748

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