Information & Resources for Illinois Fair Organizers

How to Register Your Art Fair

If you are working with an art fair in Illinois, please login or "create a new account" using the "User Login" box located on the left. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access the "list your art fair" page, where you can fill out your art fair's information in a simple form. Listings are free, but will be checked for spam.

Illinois Department of Revenue

If you are an exhibitor and need information about registering to do business in the state of Illinois, contact Illinois E-services: 800/732-8866 toll-free in Illinois 800/544-5304 TTY toll-free in Illinois 217/782-3336 Springfield 217/785-4270 TTY Springfield

Local Arts Agencies in Illinois

Local Arts Agencies serve as a central resource of information and provide a range of programs and services in regions across the state. Find contact information for nearby Local Arts Agencies in this directory from the Local Arts Network (LAN). 

Mile After Magnificent Mile”

Connect the arts and tourism with Illinois’ Convention & Visitor Bureaus. (Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity)

Local Chambers of Commerce in Illinois

There are more than 400 local chambers in Illinois representing cities, counties, or market areas. They all work to build business in their area and encourage networking among local business owners. For additional information about exhibiting in a specific city or town, contact the appropriate local Chamber of Commerce.