Art on the Lawn

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Jul 16 2016

10 am till 4pm

Antioch Fine Arts Foundation
41380 Rt. 83
60002 Antioch , IL
United States
Phone: (847) 838-2274
Illinois US
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Art on the Lawn

Art on the Lawn 2016
Saturday July 16th 10a-4p
Antioch Fine Arts Foundation
Please read the ENTIRE document thoroughly.
The Antioch Fine Arts Foundation (AFAF) is hosting a fine art sales event featuring a variety of
media. Our location has great exposure as it is on Route 83 just North of Grass Lake Road, and
just South of Route 173.
This is a very busy location with excellent traffic flow.
Spaces are available on a first-come/first-reserved basis with a limited number of spaces available.
Requirements to participate in the Art on the Lawn Event.
- Payment is due with application. Make check payable to Antioch Fine Arts Foundation; checks will be
refunded if registration is not accepted. Completely fill out and return the attached registration form and mail
or hand deliver during gallery hours, with entry fee to: Art on the Lawn, Antioch Fine Arts Foundation, 41380
Rte. 83, Antioch, IL 60002. There will be no refunds after July 1, 2016.
- Art must be made by the individual selling the product. Immediate family members are allowed to sell for the
artist. Please be sure someone is available for customers at your display at all times.
- Vendors (that’s you) are responsible for setup and take down of their own space and display. Setup starts at
7:00 am and take down begins at 4 pm. All artists must have their display up during the event hours of
10am-4pm. In the event of an emergency where you must leave early, kindly make arrangements for
someone to take your display down at 4pm for you. Customers count on our being open for the entire span of
our event, and travel distances to attend. We don’t want to let them down, nor have customers think we are
closing down early. If you begin tear down before 4pm, you will be charged a penalty of $35, and will be
banned from the 2017 exhibit. Parking areas will be marked, and you must drop and go to unload or reload,
no exceptions.
- The event is in a grassy area and the grounds may not be perfectly level so please be prepared to adjust your
display accordingly, without damage to the property. Tents must be weighed down with at least 25lbs on each
leg, in the event that it is windy.
- Each space is a 10x10 foot area and will be assigned in an effort to keep the booths and types of artwork
spread evenly throughout the event.
- When you arrive for setup, you must first register with Event Management. Registration begins at
7:00am. All artists must be registered by 8:30 am on July 16th, 2016. If you are not registered by 9:00am on
July 16, 2016, you forfeit your space without refund. Event Management will begin calling those put on the
waiting list at 8:45 am if spaces are made available.
- Spaces are reserved on a first come/first reserved basis. If your form is received after all spaces have been
reserved, you will be notified via phone or email and you may be put on the waiting list if you request. The
waiting list will be called if a space opens up due to cancellation or no show.
- Sellers are responsible for their sales. Sellers are also responsible for running their own credit cards if they are
accepting credit, and are responsible for bringing enough cash and change to make change throughout the day.
- Sellers are responsible for collecting and paying their own sales tax.
Art on the Lawn - 2016
Art on the Lawn 2016
Saturday July 16th 10a-4p
Space Reservation/Registration Form (submit with payment)
Saturday: July 16, 2016
Setup Time: 7:00 am
Event Open to the Public from 10 AM - 4 PM
Price per booth for AFAF Members Non-Member Pricing
$25.00 by May 31st $35 by May 31st
After May 31st members pay $35 After May 31st pay $45
Name: _________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________
City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________
What are you selling? _____________________________________________
No tables or fixtures are being provided for this event.
# of spaces _____________________ @ Price ________________ = ____________(Total)
Credit Card
Questions? Please contact with the
subject line AOTL or call 847.987.3088.
I have read, understand and agree to the AOTL requirements and
conditions to participate in the Art on the Lawn 2016 event.
Signature ___________________________________________ Date: ___________________
Art on the Lawn - 2016
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Angela S Vitacco
Antioch Fine Art Foundation